Fujian Shenhuwan Marine Tech. CO.,LTD.


Fujian Shenhuwan Marine Tech CO.,LTD was founded in May 2008. It is a Joint-stock enterprise with a total investment of 500 million yuan which is mainly doing marine scientific research, aquatic products technology research, aquatic products processing businesses. We have self import and export rights. The company is located in the (Middle coastal area of Fujian) Fujian coastal centerthe Fujian Jinjiang Shenhu Town Fishery Dock. For its convenient water and land transportation the Fishery Dock has been awarded as the National Fishery Dock which is also one of the most important Fishery Dock in Fujian. And with the good location, the Fujian Shenhuwan Marine Tech CO., LTD has high tech to fishing, can insure the quality of all the supplied products.

For the former period the used land of the company is about 37,000 ㎡ and the volume of the matched cold storage is 40,000 tons. Its quick-freezing capacity is 250 tons a day and the year processing amount is about 60,000 tons and the year cold storage quantity is about 200,000 to 240,000 tons. And we put much attention to the personal introduce and training. Now we already have a high quality of management team and over 400 processing workers.
After thousands of experiments and research the company sticks to the Prospect broad to form a restrict to the Europe standard highly aquatic products company. It aims at becoming a top list of aquatic products transfer and product company with all the stage of processing of Europe standard. While bringing in the higher Tech and physical distribution and cold storage, the company wishes to form a professional, standard, large-scale production, industrialization, intensive management company. With the aquatic products added value, more good value and social benefits, the company will be internationalization to the world.
Our business partners are all over the Fiji,Cuba, Chile,Australia,Ghana,Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. The year trading volume is over 200,000 tons. 

Warmly welcome all the world friends to have a visit, exploring the better future together.